10% cashback from Nabil Bank Debit/Credit Card on every E-Commerce or POS transaction

Nabil Bank is offering flat 10% cashback on every eCommerce or POS transaction made using Nabil Bank’s debit or credit card. Under this scheme you will get 10% or upto Rs 500 cashback on every online transaction or POS transaction.

In the scheme there will be no restrictions of minimum purchase amount. Cash back amount earned by each cardholder shall be deposited to their account (in case of debit card) or credit/pre-paid card by next working day after verification and deducting applicable tax amount ( TDS 15%).  (more info)

10% cashback from Nabil Bank Debit/Credit Card on every E-Commerce or POS transaction 1

The Scheme will remain valid for limited period only.

Terms and Condition:

Below are the major terms and condition applicable for this campaign.

  1. Applicable to all active Nabil Visa debit, credit and pre-paid cardholders.
  2. Applicable only on “Visa” branded card products issued by Nabil Bank.
  3. Not applicable/eligible for cash withdrawals transactions (both ATMs & manual).
  4. Valid only for sales/e-commerce transactions made within Nepal only.
  5. Cash Back of 10% of the transaction amount or maximum of NPR 500 on transaction generated thru POS, and, e-commerce site. The cash back amount shall be credited to card/account by next working day after every successful sales and/or e-com transactions, after deducting applicable taxes.
  6. Bank reserves the right to end the cash back campaign before the expiry at its own discretion.
  7. The Bank shall exclude those cardholders for cash back who make unnatural or fake transactions with intention of getting cash back only e.g. a cardholder using his/her cards at his/her own or friends merchant locations for unnaturally high number of time.
  8. Not applicable/eligible for transactions generated through E-wallets.


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